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Azesta Ltd

We are an independent training provider specialising in experiential learning, with five employees and many associates. We specialise in leadership and management, and team development, providing commercial, government-funded and accredited qualifications.


Focus: To minimise our carbon impact and maximise our social impact


We really believe that learning to live and work within the boundaries of what does not hurt or change our planet detrimentally is the most important challenge we face and so without focusing primarily on this, there is little point being an excellent training provider or indeed anything else!

As a rural training provider, our carbon footprint was already quite low, we recycled everything we could and much of our marking and assessment was already being done on-line rather than on paper, we also used only green energy suppliers for our heating and computers.

We operate from an old rented building in Pateley Bridge, which we have worked hard on. We insulated the roof, put in a new ceiling a few years ago and only heat the minimum area of the offices in winter.


We are currently undertaking a journey to become a Certified B Corporation*, which has led us to think about all sorts of other ways of becoming greener. For example, we discovered that most mainstream banks invest heavily in the fossil fuel industry and in deforestation so we needed to move all our banking away from those providers.


Environmental awareness is really important to us at Azesta, so as part of our commitments, we are weaving environmental awareness into all our leadership training and qualifications and regularly running non-profit making workshops on carbon literacy to try to spread the word and get people positively influencing their organisations.

Our next steps along this journey are searching for zero carbon premises and leasing only hybrid or electric vehicles in future.


We would urge other businesses to look at their whole supply chain and ensure that they are using only ethical and sustainable suppliers.


* Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

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