Resurrected Bites Café Manager

We are looking for a Café Manager to cover the weekly Wednesday café, which would require four hours on a Tuesday afternoon, when the majority of the food arrives to prepare and plan for the café and eight hours on a Wednesday (08.00 - 16.00).

The café will close during Christmas and Easter week and all of August and therefore the post holder must take annual leave at these times and not outside of these times.

The first six months has been very busy and requires a dynamic person to manage the food collection, the café and the large team of volunteers.

A DBS check to work with vulnerable adults is required for this role and a driving licence and access to a car is essential. The post holders must have an active Christian faith, sharing in the Christian ethos and vision of St Mark’s Church.

The rate of pay is £8.88 per hour.

Prior experience is preferred but all applications will be considered. For further information see the full role rescription below.

If you are interested in applying please complete the application form and send together with a two page CV to Michelle Hayes

Closing date for applications 16 September with interviews to be held on 18 September.

About Resurrected Bites


St Mark’s Church launched a café in January 2018 called Resurrected Bites. It is a Pay-As-You-Feel (PAYF) café which uses food that has been donated by shops, supermarkets, food suppliers, etc., because they cannot use the food and therefore it is likely to go to landfill or anaerobic digestion. We use this good quality food before it goes past its use by date to provide nutritious meals in the café and a PAYF pop-up shop so that people can access food to take home for a donation of their choice.

Our aims are:

  1. To tackle food waste and educate about food waste.

  2. To tackle loneliness and isolation by providing a welcoming community café that everyone can access as people can pay as they feel. We have a pastoral team at the café to chat with people who come in on their own or just need someone to talk to.

  3. To tackle food poverty as people can access food from the café and shop on a pay as you feel basis.

  4. To raise money for charities.


​​We value our volunteers and have a fun and caring team. Volunteers are invited to eat together at the end of the café and are encouraged to take food from the shop home with them. We also value feedback from our volunteers about how we can try to improve their volunteering experience.


We recently received five stars when inspected by the Environmental Health Officer.

Our long-term aims are to run other activities alongside the café including a monthly crèche (started in Jun 2018); a monthly Fixit Café and a monthly computer club to help people with IT issues.

Role Description


Purpose of this role: To manage all aspects of the running of the café including the team of volunteers and where needed, to help with one or more of the various roles needed to ensure the café runs to the highest standards. There are many roles which include sourcing food from supermarkets/shops; collecting donated food; checking the quality of the donations; weighing in the food; preparing the menu; organising food for the Pay-As-You-Feel shop; food preparation; cooking; cleaning the dishes, kitchen and dining areas; taking orders and serving; book keeping; being available to talk to customers.


Accountable to: Kingdom Life Director (KLD). The KLD will be available to support the manager in their role until the manager feels ready to go it alone and they will meet for a monthly review thereafter.


Operational Support: Kingdom Life Director

Safeguarding Support: Parish Safeguarding Officer

Health and Safety Support: St Mark’s Church Health & Safety Officer.


Key Responsibilities

  • To help with recruitment of volunteers following the Safer Recruitment process

  • To train and manage the volunteers and report any concerns to the Kingdom Life Director. Food hygiene training is provided via an online resource.

  • To develop and manage relationships with the team, customers and suppliers.

  • To do the rotas for the volunteers and ensure volunteers have confirmed they can make the proposed shifts and find replacements if volunteers call in sick.

  • To ensure all checks (cleaning rotas, food hygiene etc.) are completed and paperwork is in good order.

  • To count donations and track income and expenditure.

  • To work with suppliers to collect food and ensure the food collected is safe to consume.

  • To collect food if no one else is available & ensure it is stored according to requirements.

  • To work with the cooks to plan the menu.

  • To ensure clean aprons and tea towels; functioning equipment & all necessary ingredients are available for each café.

  •  To participate in training, adhere to appropriate policies and procedures and be aware of the risk assessment and action plan for all activities and flag any new risks to the Café Manager or the Health & Safety Officer as required

  • St Mark’s Church take safeguarding seriously in order to protect our volunteers and the people we serve and therefore ask all volunteers that where possible they will attend Safeguarding Training which has been approved by the Diocese of Leeds.

  • To flag any concerns to the appropriate support person- Kingdom Life Director for operational issues, Safeguarding Officer for safeguarding concerns and the Health & Safety Officer for Health and Safety concerns.

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