Clean Air Day 2019

Air pollution harms both our health and the health of our planet but there are lots of things we can do to improve air quality. Clean Air Day is a chance to start doing those things not just talk about them.


Thursday 20 June, 2019, 07.30 - 17.00

Starbeck Railway Crossing Event

High Street


Zero Carbon Harrogate are holding an event at Starbeck Junction to celebrate the day and raise awareness of the importance of switching engines off when stuck in a traffic queue.


We will be decorating the street with posters, banners and balloons, including artwork by the children of Starbeck Primary and Springwater School. The children from Starbeck School will be coming down to the junction to coincide with a visit from Stray FM. We're also hoping to have the Advertiser photographer there too and will definitely have a piece in the paper.


Later in the day we'll be gathering at Starbeck School to talk to parents and children at pick up time and hand out leaflets and stickers. 

We need your help 


It's a real community event with local schools and churches, Starbeck in Bloom and local residents involved. We'd love your help for an hour or two if you're available. 

Making posters! We need lots of different sizes of posters to decorate the street so if you're feeling artistic this might be for you. Come early on in the day and help put up posters on the High Street. Early risers needed at 7.30am.


We're hoping to have a presence on the street all day, but particularly from around 10.45 for Stray FM's visit.

We need a handful of people outside Starbeck School at 3pm. 


Please let Vicky Wild known if, how and when you can help. We hope you will come along and support us on the day. 

Find out more about Clean Air Day here