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Make it Wild

We are a small family run business, set up entirely in response to the Climate and Ecological Crisis. We were getting very concerned about nature being squeezed out of her rightful space, and in 2011, as a family project, we bought some land with the intention of ‘giving it back to nature’. Five years later, the thousands of trees we had planted had grown into a young woodland, and were full of insects, birds and mammals. It was this explosion in biodiversity that inspired us to set up Make it Wild, with our mission statement: “It’s not our aim to protect nature, it’s our purpose”.

Focus: planting trees to support individuals and businesses in offsetting their carbon footprint; tree and other dedications; eco-friendly holiday cottage; nature connected activities.


We now have seven nature reserves, each with their own features and character, based around Summerbridge and Green Hammerton. We have planted 55,000 trees to date. We also dig ponds, install bird and bat boxes, restore and create wildflower meadows, build leaky dams and protect our precious ancient woodlands.

We are also rewilding around 25 hectares with the help of our conservation grazing team of Belties and Exmoor ponies. Our next project is a wetland restoration project, which is very exciting.

Our holiday cottage at Bank Woods, Summerbridge has many eco-friendly features including air-source heating, solar panels and an EV charge point.

We think it is crucial to the future of the planet to inspire others to love and cherish nature, and thus we hope to extend our range of nature related activities soon.


Instagram: makeitwilduk

Facebook: makeitwilder

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