Ethos Asset Finance & The Electric Broker

An SME company with seven employees in total. The Electric Broker is an asset finance broker which focuses on all aspects of electricity, including electric vehicles, EV charging infrastructure and renewable energy.

Offices are based in the Regional Agricultural Centre – an award-winning sustainable building in Harrogate.

Focus: Reducing the companies carbon footprint and encouraging clients to do the same.

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The company had two traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles used as company cars which were changed to pure electric vehicles (EVs).

We estimate that we will save 2,000 litres or £3,400

worth of fuel and four tonnes in CO2e over 10,000 miles, on the two vehicles combined.

Additionally we moved into sustainable offices, where all services aim to promote clean air and renewable energy is used.

These actions brought a lot of benefits, primarily to the environment.


The Electric Broker business is all about providing electric finance to businesses, to encourage and support the use of EVs. Moving to low/zero carbon solutions is vital for the planet, and we want to lead from the front and help businesses make the transition.


Further information is available from Becky Ashley-Still, Office Manager

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