Fair Trade Future

How will fair trade adapt to the challenges of advancing climate change and biodiversity loss, particularly the degradation of soil from over use of chemicals?

Tuesday 10 September 2019, 19.30 - 21.15

Friends Meeting House
12A Queen Parade


“Can you hear me?  Is the microphone working?  Is my English OK?  Because I’m not sure.”


Greta Thunberg, speaking to MPs in the UK



Robin Roth, CEO of Traidcraft wonders whether we are actually listening to what Greta Thunberg is saying and acting on it. He has been asking himself what it would mean to be able to meet Greta (or indeed his own children) in 10 years and say; “Yes, I listened. Yes the microphone was working. Yes, your English was just fine. And this is what I did.”


Come and hear Robin talk more about the challenges companies face when they decide to opt out of the “growth at all costs, profit as the major driver” economic and say, actually, we are responsible for this mess, we need to consume a lot less and what we do consume needs to be thought about really, really carefully.


He has been on a journey that questions the colonial roots of fair trade and tries to re-establish a healthier relationship with our food and where it comes from.  

Refreshments will be served from 19.15.

This is a free of charge event open to everyone.