The Musings of a Humanist Architect

David Rhodes is a retired architect who believes that each person needs to be able to link/relate to being one of eight billion people on Earth. 


"Its complex but simple because we all have two hands, thumbs and eight fingers and these can relate to the 10 levels from 'a person to all people'."


The Anomalies of Life in the United Kingdom


  • Are we a United Kingdom or should we really have been called the United Queendom for the last 70 years, in honour of our Queen? Trump has wanted to make America great again, but we have been Great Britain for over 500 years. Why are we great? Should we just be Britain?

  • Today we often talk about saving the World/Earth but neither need saving, we are really talking about not destroying our own life support system of air, water and soil.


  • The word 'wilding', is often used, making me think of lions and elephants, when we are simply talking about living within nature.


  • Forests are historically large administrative areas with some woodland, so we should always talk about planting woodland.


  • For World War 1 and World War 2, we had a Ministry of War, now we have a Ministry of Defence. Is it not time to have a Ministry of Peace? Our troops seem to be mainly on peace keeping exercises.

  • Even more radical might Defence / Peace become the Ministry of Survival to protect against coastal erosion, flooding, hill fires and protecting our infra structure

  • Thinking about our United Queendom there is now devolution to Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and gradual devolution to the English Regions. Brexit and Corvid 19 have shown how fragile our United Queendom has become and there is now a case for independence for the four nations. Perhaps based on the Scandinavian model of four independent nations united by a Nordic Council equivalent.

  • Business and commerce in Northern Island seem to look more to Ireland and the EU so there may be a case for the island of Ireland to become once again one.

  • Might we become known as the Western Isles of Europe, meeting as independent nations of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to meet in rotation and resolve joint issues of transport, water, restrictions etc.

  • In recent times the British Empire has adjusted to become the Commonwealth and all the colonies have gone

  • On a similar basis might the United Kingdom [Queendom] adjust peacefully to become the Western Isle of Europe or a similar name?

  • It is interesting to note that in Europe only two Nations still vote with the 1st past the post electoral system and they are the United Kingdom and the Republic of Belarus.


  • All other Nations in Europe and most parts of the World have a form of proportional representation so that every vote will count, no vote is wasted.


  • Is it not time that the UK adopted an appropriate form of proportional representation?


  • On a similar issue, to avoid the pathetic turn-out at many elections, is it not time we followed other nations and introduced mandatory voting so everyone votes. Clearly one can just turn up and destroy the voting paper, but the vast majority will vote once they are at the Polling Station. Clearly the disabled or those on holiday other others can have a postal vote. As with other nations there would be a fine for those not actually claiming their vote.


  • Most Wednesdays at 12.00 there is Prime Minister’s Question Time when initially opposition leaders ask questions and then members from both sides ask the PM questions. The irony is most PM’s only give an answer to members of their party and waffle / ignore the specific questions from the opposition. Is it not time the Speaker of the House intervened and asked the PM to answer the question?

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