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North Yorkshire Council

Local authority with over 16,000 employees.

Focus: Street lighting energy reduction

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Before LED

After LED

The Council has significantly reduced its street lighting energy consumption and carbon emissions thanks to a 'part-night' street lighting programme, that saw more than half of its 50,400 lights switched off between midnight and 5.00am

We have also invested about £10 million (M) in a programme to replace all of our street lights with energy efficient LED technology.

Image: Dragon Parade, Harrogate

These two elements of our programme have helped to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint by more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2 annually and achieve savings in energy and maintenance costs of about £1.4M per year.

The 'part-night' element of the project reduced our energy consumption by almost 4M kWh and the subsequent change to LED will reduce energy by a further 6.4 M kWh, whilst also reducing the amount of ongoing maintenance, that in turn reduces fuel consumption and emissions, however, the actual figures have not as yet been calculated.


​This project resulted in similar lighting levels, better colour rendering and facial recognition, whilst reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint, by 50%

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