Ortial Technologies

A UK vendor of memory, storage and networking components with headquarters based in Harrogate.

Focus: Extending the life span of digital devices – upgrading laptops rather than replacing them.


Ortial sell consumer and enterprise hardware components globally. Ranges include SSDs, memory and networking components.


The carbon cost of producing new laptops is high. Manufacturing a single laptop can cost around 400kg CO2e.


Component level upgrades are an essential part of cutting down the environmental impact of the creation cost associated with new digital devices. Our products can help extend the life of laptops and desktop computers.

Understanding what's involved in the manufacturing process of digital devices is key to developing a more environmentally positive relationship with technology and e-waste. Engaging people in these types of discussions encourages a greater curiosity about all aspects of technology leading to teaching better husbandry of tech.
If we can inspire people to think about the products they use and where the materials come from, we can help people make better purchasing decisions.
We regularly present to schools, colleges and workplaces about the sustainability benefits of prolonging digital devices. We also offer workshops and advice on component level upgrades.
We also offer educational institutions advice on how to maximise their budget and be sustainable at the same time, by using services like our ‘Trade-In & Recycle’ service where we exchange old memory for a discount on component purchases – saving hardware from landfill.

Our aim is to demystify tech for users. Many people believe you have to replace a laptop when it begins to run slow, or you have to 'replace' when the manufacturer’s warranty finishes. We know this isn’t the case and that you can make significant improvements to your laptop’s performance through component level upgrades.
We hope by demystifying tech people can extend the life of their devices, and in turn help to save the environmental costs involved in replacing digital devices.

For further information contact:


Tiffany Mazza
Educational Outreach Officer

Ortial Technologies

E: web@ortial.com

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