Treasurer Job Description

We are seeking someone who can oversee the financial affairs of Zero Carbon Harrogate, ensure proper financial record keeping and reporting, and to work with the Management Committee to use the financial resources to further our vision and objectives.


We need someone who can prepare accounts and a financial report for ZCH and attend to committee meetings, currently held bi-monthly at a committee member's house in Harrogate. It will be helpful if the Treasurer can attend our public meetings (around 6 per year) in order to further their understanding of the aims and activiities of the group.


Skills and Qualities Required

  • Knowledge and experience of current finance practice relevant to voluntary and community organisations

  • Knowledge of bookkeeping and financial management, as well as current finance practice relevant to voluntary organisations

  • Ability to communicate clearly

  • Share the objectives of Zero Carbon Harrogate


This is a home based role. Car ownership is not required. DBS check is not needed.

For further information please contact

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