Can you help map the

tree canopy cover in
the Harrogate District 

(without leaving the
comfort of your home)?


The United Bank of Carbon is running a training course to show how to complete a canopy cover survey on Monday 16 November from 6 - 7 pm.


If you would like to be involved in this project and join the training course please let Ian Fraser know.

Trees play an important role in reducing the effects of climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the air as they grow and storing the carbon in their trunk, roots and branches.

The Committee on Climate Change  recommends planting at least 30,000 hectares of trees every year between now and 2050 to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions. These ambitious targets would take the canopy cover in the UK from 13% to between 17–19%.

What is the tree canopy cover like in your area now?


There is wide variation in tree canopy cover and the research department of the Forestry Commission, called Forest Research, have created a citizen science project to find out what the canopy cover is like now. This information is important for planning and monitoring tree planting efforts.

Zero Carbon Harrogate has teamed up with Forest Research and the United Bank of Carbon (University of Leeds) to measure the canopy cover of all the 40 wards of Harrogate District.

It is a simple process of looking at aerial photographs and recording if a sample point is a tree or not. The results of the surveys will go on the Forest Research map. 




1. Committee on Climate Change, 2019. Net Zero- The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming. [Online]. [Accessed 20/08/19]. Available from:



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