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White Rose Forest Afforestation Pathway

White Rose Forest Action Plan launched for 2021-25


Seven million trees, the equivalent of 4,900 football pitches or 3,500 hectares, could be planted in North and West Yorkshire over the next four years as part of an Action Plan just launched by the White Rose Forest partnership but they need help from landowners.


The White Rose Forest is the community forest for North and West Yorkshire and is also helping to create the larger Northern Forest.

We are at the beginning of a generational project. Large scale afforestation, not only across northern England, but across the UK as a whole. A national project of high priority.


The goal is to increase the woodland cover by at least one third, to achieve the significant environmental, economic and health benefits it offers.

Landowners are the most vital part of the afforestation process. Help is available to them for creating woodlands on their land

Mapping the District's Tree Canopy Cover


The United Bank of Carbon (UBoC) together with volunteers from Zero Carbon Harrogate have now completed a tree canopy mapping survey for the Harrogate District, which will help to inform future management of trees and planting in the district. Thanks to those who took part.

You can read more about this project on the
UBoC website and explore the tree cover data in more detail here

UBoC is a UK registered charity which seeks to protect and restore forests and other green space by translating science into action in conjunction with the University of Leeds.

For Action

Landowners within the White Rose Forest area are invited to contact the White Rose Forest team, for guidance regarding the opportunities and benefits from creating woodlands, and about the assistance that is available.

WRF Area Map.jpg


The project management team can support landowners in a number of areas, depending on their existing skill and knowledge base:

  • Developing the site design of any tree planting (i.e. the right trees in the right place).

  • Sourcing appropriate funding – working with a range of public/private/charity funding organisations and the aim is to fix a landowner with the best option for them.

  • Guidance on ways of deriving income from creating woodlands.

  • Delivering the planting (and looking after the trees) – in addition to providing funding WRF have a range of partners who can help with this work (including organising communities / volunteers)


To start the process the project manager will need to know the following information:

  • The location of the available land (ideally a map)

  • An understanding of the type of planting required e.g. woodland/hedgerows, etc.

  • Is the land under any existing agri-environment scheme

To find out more contact or use the web form on the White Rose Forest website.

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