Yorwaste Ltd

Yorwaste is a regional based waste management company operating in North Yorkshire and the City of York, employing 280 people on 38 sites across the region.

Focus 1: Installation of LED Lighting

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The project was to remove of old, inefficient, poor quality lights, which were placing a significant maintenance burden on the business, from buildings of a simple industrial warehouse design, used to manage waste movements from around the county and the City of York.

The objective of the project was four-fold. To reduce costs, reduce maintenance time, improve health and safety and reduce our carbon footprint.

An initial surveyed was conducted to understand the lighting requirements, which indicated that the current lighting levels did not meet the required standards, thus presenting a Health & Safety concern for the business.


The sites were monitored prior to installation so that the resulting reduction in electrical demand could be understood, once the new lighting had been installed. The old lighting was then replaced with high quality LED lights - both to the inside and outside of the buildings.


There have been significant benefits from this change. The increased lighting levels within the operational areas have improved the safety of staff and customers. The maintenance burden has been reduced, as the new lights have a much lower failure rate, as have the the running costs of the buildings. It has been a win, win situation for the business with an 80% reduction in energy consumption at the sites where the LED lighting was installed. 

Focus 2: Removal of diesel generation

This project was carried out to reduce costs and downtime due to generator maintenance and breakdowns, as well as to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding the use of diesel fuel.

Due to the site being in a rural location the provision of a power supply was always difficult and meant that diesel generators were needed to provide power for some of the machinery on site.


An opportunity occurred for the business to replace a bailer, one of the key pieces of equipment, which had a significant power demand. During the procurement process a key aspect was to see whether it was possible to transfer the new replacement machinery onto mains electricity.


The new piece of equipment was initially powered by the diesel generator to allow an assessment of its electrical demands to be conducted and once it was found that there was sufficient power on site the generator was switched off and mains power used.

Assuming the new bailer operates for eight hours a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year, it would consume around 11,000 kW/h per year, which would result in a saving on fuel of more than £36,000 over the use of the diesel generator. Additional cost savings were made on the reduced maintenance costs to keep the generator working efficiently and a significant reduction in our carbon footprint was achieved by avoiding the use of high volumes of diesel fuel.

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