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An organisation dedicated to making Harrogate District a net zero carbon community by 2030 in order to secure a sustainable future.

Events & News

Cutting the Carbon on Your Plate: The Low-carbon Diet Plan – Healthy for You and the Planet!

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 (18.00 - 19.30)

Exploring the most effective ways of reducing the carbon emissions from our diet and how can we reduce our food waste.

Climate Change Committee (CCC)

13 January - 3 March, 2021

Keep up to date with the latest expected dates for new CCC publications, as well as key events.

Zero Carbon Harrogate Book Club

Friday, 26 March 2021
10.00 - 11.15

Our next book is A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future, by David Attenborough, 2020


This remarkable book covers David's life both as a wildlife naturalist and as a television presenter, and looks forward to the future as an opportunity to rewild the earth and restore the stability of the planet.

Climate News

Attenborough gives stark warning to UN  


Climate change could, within a lifetime, destroy "entire cities and societies", Sir David Attenborough has told the UN Security Council.

"I don't envy the responsibility that this places on all of you," the naturalist said.


Have your say - Harrogate District Climate Change Surveys


Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition (HDCCC) have developed climate change surveys, for residents and businesses/employees.

Take part and help the Borough Council to develop their Carbon Reduction Plan.

ZCH makes formal response to Hammerton-Cattal new settlement consultation

This proposal would see the construction of approx. 3,000 new dwellings, as well as facilities and services such as green space, employment and public transport.

Whilst the plans have positive features they fail to maximise the environmental benefits that are essential to a new development of this kind.

Read the full response here

ZCH Blog

We all need to get our climate priorities right

As we sat shivering in another ‘Beast from the East’ and were filled with a mixture of glee and annoyance, depending on age, by the recent snowfall, global warming was perhaps not uppermost in our minds.


We British are of course renowned for our preoccupation with the weather and here was an ideal opportunity to share our views on how a warming world could be so cold, but even the staunchest of weather watchers have been rather too distracted by the coronavirus pandemic to engage in that debate.


The occasional disruption caused by snow is perhaps nothing compared to the ongoing restrictions we have all been subject to during lockdown but whilst vaccines now offer hope of controlling Covid-19, allowing us to lift the shackles it has imposed, we must regain our preoccupation with the weather and focus fully on eliminating the carbon emissions that are causing our climate to change.

The pandemic required a global response, enacted at a local level, involving some degree of personal sacrifice from us all, in order to be controlled, thereby protecting the lives and wellbeing of the world’s population. The same is undoubtedly needed if we are to limit the threat posed by a warming climate, with individuals, and those in positions of power getting their priorities right and taking the necessary actions to control climate change.

Controlling emissions

UK 'has technology' for zero carbon


Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in the UK is achievable with current technology, according to a new report.


What would carbon neutrality mean for the UK?


A quarter of Britain covered in trees, quieter roads, healthier lifestyles and holidays by high-speed rail. 



Governments disappointing response to Bradford-Halifax Greenway (B2H2)

The lack of government support to create a greenway via the Queensbury Tunnel demonstrates their general lack of ambition and foresight in addressing environmental projects of this kind.


We need to tackle climate change but not this way….

Jemima Parker, Chair of Zero carbon Harrogate looks at the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on carbon emissions and asks how the positives can be captured and taken forward, as we begin the long and difficult task of rebuilding the local economy?


Government to urge us all to walk and cycle more

Those people who need to travel into a workplace will be urged to consider choosing more active ways to travel like walking and cycling.


The intention is to take pressure off roads and public transport networks.


“I look forward to working with Zero Carbon Harrogate to help make our town increasingly environmentally friendly.”

Andrew Jones MP for Harrogate

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