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An organisation dedicated to making Harrogate District a net zero carbon community by 2030 in order to secure a sustainable future.

It's time to act

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet


In his new feature length film David Attenborough
looks back on the defining moments of his life and the environmental devastation that has taken place during that time, as well as highlighting some of the issues that climate change poses and exploring some of the potential solutions.

See also his warning of a climate 'crisis moment'

Can a city go carbon neutral to stop climate change?


Many cities are developing strategies to do just that and this video looks at how Glasgow aims to cancel out its carbon footprint.

What lessons can the Harrogate District learn from their approach? 


Tree Planting Day
Saturday 14 March, 2020

On a site near Pateley Bridge. Please email Ian Fraser if you would like to help and he will provide further details.

Visit to Citu Home Builders
Thursday, 23 April, 2020

Citu build homes that combine bold, modern design with the latest in sustainable technology, to create living spaces which radically reduce the owners carbon footprint.

This visit will provide an opportunity see their latest project in Leeds, visit sample homes and the Citu factory. 

Net-Zero Live

19 - 20 May, 2020

The UK's first and only energy and sustainability event, empowering businesses to lead the net-zero revolution. 

Net-Zero Live unites businesses, policymakers, investors, NGO's, product and solutions providers around a common purpose: to spark new ideas and actions on the path to a sustainable future.


Climate news

Clean tech 'won't solve warming in time'

Breakthrough technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen cannot be relied on to help the UK meet its climate change targets, a report says.

The government had hoped that both technologies would contribute to emissions reductions required by 2050.

But the report's authors say ministers should assume that neither carbon capture and storage (CCS), nor hydrogen will be running "at scale" by 2050.


They say the government must start a debate on other, more controversial steps.

These actions, which they say would need to be implemented in the near-term, include cutting down on flying and eating red meat.

ZCH blog

Let your love shine in 2020

There are so many ways of showing love to your children and grandchildren but changing your electricity supplier might not come top of the list!


However, this simple act can be a surprisingly significant act of kindness.

About half of our electricity in the UK is still produced by burning fossil fuels (mostly gas and oil) to make steam to turn turbines. We need to stop burning fossil fuels as they produce carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, which is trapping too much solar energy in our atmosphere, leading to global heating.

That global heating threatens all the things I love; my children, coffee, spring lambs in the Yorkshire Dales, sandy Yorkshire beaches, horse chestnut and beech trees, migrating birds and my warm dry home. All of them will be affected in the coming decade by climate change and we all need to do something to limit its impact.  

Controlling emissions

UK 'has technology' for zero carbon


Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in the UK is achievable with current technology, according to a new report.


What would carbon neutrality mean for the UK?


A quarter of Britain covered in trees, quieter roads, healthier lifestyles and holidays by high-speed rail. 



From the corners of Britain, members of the first UK "citizens’ assembly" on climate change descended on Birmingham. They include those who are unworried by climate change, along with others who are positively alarmed. After four weekends they will make recommendations to MPs on how the UK can fulfil its law on cutting emissions to virtually zero by 2050.


Will UK 'citizens assemblies' help to address climate change

Thousands of young people across the world have joined together to stand up against climate change, with many children in the UK taking part in climate protests.

BBC Newsround spoke to four climate activists about what they do and what drives them in the fight against climate change.


Meet four climate activists fighting to make a change

Environmentally friendly and cheap, they finally succumbed to car ownership and fossil fuels. Now electric public transport is seen as an answer to congestion and air pollution.


Why were trolley buses ever scrapped?

“I look forward to working with Zero Carbon Harrogate to help make our town increasingly environmentally friendly.”

Andrew Jones MP for Harrogate

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