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Local Zero Heroes

There are many people across the Harrogate District who are committed to making a difference in the fight to protect our environment and take actions in their daily lives to address climate change.


Listen to some of them talking about their activities, objectives, ambitions and plans for the future, in this series of videos and podcasts.

Rob Ruddock
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Prof Andy Jarvis & Mike Kaye

Andy, Director of the Centre for Tropical Agriculture in Colombia joins Mike Kaye to talk about COP26 and the need for balance in land use between food and sustainable energy provision.

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Solar Panels on Factory Roof

Mike Kaye

Mike is the Managing Director of Energy Oasis in Harrogate. He is passionate about helping businesses and large organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, through energy saving and the use of appropriate renewable energy systems, which comes across in his forthright views. 

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Image by Marino Bobetic

Rob Ruddock & Jo Olner

Rob and Jo are beef farmers, using sustainable land management practices to improve biodiversity and do their best to tackle climate change, whilst trying to earn a living in the face of calls to eat less meat. 

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Image by garrett parker

Autumn Joseph

A final year student at Harrogate Ladies College and the UK representative for the Earth Project Young Ambassador Programme.

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