Reducing carbon emissions - see how some businesses, organisations and individuals are responding

From small local charities to multi-national companies and everything in between, we must all look at the way we live and work in order to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero. Here are some of the actions being taken by local companies, organisations and individual households to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst in many cases securing other benefits, both financial and human.

Business Case Studies


Azesta Ltd

Implemented a range of business working practices and building upgrades to achieve reductions in carbon emissions in an office environment.


Bettys & Taylors

Built new BREEAM certified facilities. Installed solar panels, biomass boiler and LED lighting. Have taken actions to reduce energy throughout their supply chain.

Taylors Logo.png

eDub Services Ltd

Vehicle electrification instead of engine refurbishment, switched to LED, solar power generation and logical warehouse heating.


Full Circle Funerals

Use an electric hearse, partially powered using solar panels and plant a carbon capturing tree for each funeral. .

Ethos Asset Finance

Company cars switched from traditional fossil fuels to pure electric vehicles.


Horizon Life Training

Installation of heat pumps, electric vehicle charging points and new insulation, during building refurbishment.

Horizon Life Logo.jpg

North Yorkshire County Council

Installation of 'part-night' street lighting and LED technology for street lights.

NYCC Logo.png

Ortial Technologies

Extending the lifespan of digital devices - upgrading laptops rather than replacing.

Ortial Logo.png


Installation of a 100 panel 30Kw roof mounted solar PV system to offices at Cardale Park in Harrogate.

Primeast Logo.png


Purchase IT equipment from existing users, restore to factory condition and resupply to customers worldwide.


Yorwaste Ltd

Installation of LED lighting and replacement of diesel generator with more efficient power supply.

Yorwaste Logo.png

See how other companies around the York and North Yorkshire area are tackling the challenge of becoming sustainable, by adopting circular business practices.

Individual and Community Case Studies


Domestic Household

Removed gas central heating boiler and installed an Ecodan 8.5KW air source heat pump and some larger radiators...

Harrogate Location

Home Worker

A business development director, with a large multi-national research organisation reduces his carbon footprint whilst working from home during the Covid-19 restrictions.


Christ Church Harrogate

Improved insulation and added LED lighting, with all electricity now from renewable resources...

Summerbridge Recycling

Summerbridge Methodist Church

Instilling the belief that we are stewards of Gods’ creation into all aspects of our lives...