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Walk to School 2023-24

Be a ZERO HERO and simply swap the car for your feet!

The event days are still once every half-term, although many schools promote good transport habits on a daily and weekly basis, to not only combat climate change but also to reduce congestion and improve pupil health and wellbeing. We have around 60 schools now regularly taking part, with more schools getting involved every term.  

Walk to School event days for this academic year are:

  • Friday 20th October 2023

  • Friday 1st December 2023

  • Friday 2nd February 2024

  • Friday 15th March 2024

  • Friday 10th May 2024

  • Friday 14th June 2024


And these are now split into 5 local area events:

  • The Boroughbridge Walk to School Day

  • The Harrogate Walk to School Day

  • The Knaresborough Walk to School Day

  • The Nidderdale Walk to School Day

  • The Ripon Walk to School Day

Your school can sign up and receive a FREE event pack containing everything they need, including posters and communication suggestions, by clicking on the green buttons.

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Did you know that in North Yorkshire more carbon emissions are created by transport than anything else, and that more than three quarters of this comes from cars and vans?


Petrol and diesel cars produce gases that warm our atmosphere, which causes unpredictable and extreme weather conditions.


This leads to many problems, not only for polar bears in the Arctic, but also right here on our doorstep with heavy rain and floods. We need to find a way to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use, ideally down to zero.

On Walk to School Days, local primary schools are asked to find a more climate friendly way to get to school. This could be a form of active travel, such as walking, scooting or cycling. Those that live far away could use public transport/car for part of the journey, then ‘park and stride’ the last mile. We do what we can, when we can and every mile counts!

The physical and mental health benefits of exercise are well known, with studies also showing that walking to school improves concentration and helps pupils arrive ready to learn. Making the journey on foot, by bike or using public transport means fewer vehicles on the road, benefitting the wider community with less traffic and cleaner air. 

"The children were enthusiastic about the event and viewed it as their way of helping tackle climate change and pollution."

Sophie Kirkwood, Eco Lead at Rossett Acre Primary School

A new award scheme

All schools who take part will be eligible to receive a Walk to School certificate award, depending on how many events they took part in over the 2023 - 2024 academic year. It's all about building good transport habits and spreading the word!

1-2 events = Bronze Award

3-4 events = Silver Award

5-6 events = Gold Award

Help your school go for Gold status - all they have to do is simply take part!

For more information please contact

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