Car Free Fridays

Cars are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, particularly in the Harrogate District, where limited public transport, road congestion and a number of major routes passing through have led to higher than average emissions.

Car Free Fridays is an initiative to help reduce those emissions, raise awareness of the climate crisis we face and help to improve the quality of life for residents. 

Car Free Fridays Base Image.jpg

This initiative will be launched as part of the Harrogate Climate Action Festival on 8 October and then every subsequent Friday. Please leave your car at home and do something positive to address climate change. Sign up to the pledge today.

If you are a local business why not get your employees involved as well? Encourage them to leave their cars at home on Fridays, and walk, cycle, car share or take public transport instead, even for just part of the journey. Email us at to let us know what you are doing to encourage your employees to take part, and we will send you a digital event pack, as well as some Taylor’s tea for you to brew on the day.