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Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations is a training course which aims to help people to understand and come to terms with climate change, using their creativity and their resistances about making carbon reductions.

It's Good to Talk

Globally, the impacts of the changing climate have become increasingly visible. Here in the UK, there are grounds for optimism following Parliament’s decision to make net-zero emissions by 2050 law in July of last year. But tougher targets do not themselves reduce emissions. New plans must be drawn up to deliver them.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) estimates that the average UK household will need to reduce emissions by 87% in the next 30 years, requiring a reduction in energy use, changes to the way we travel, what we eat, how much we buy and how we dispose of things. This is where we come in.


Past participants across the UK have made significant reductions to their carbon footprints by the end of the course and put plans in place to halve their emissions within 2-5 years, leading the course to be featured in the Guardian, as one of the 20 best climate change solutions.


The Course

It consists of a series of six sessions, delivered over a period of weeks in a group environment, with 'taster' and 'wrap-up' sessions to start and finish the course.

Each group normally consist of 6-8 people, co-facilitated by individuals who have already completed the course and undertaken training in group facilitation.

The group explores the four key aspects of a personal carbon footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption – discussing their feelings about climate change, carbon reduction and the impact on relationships with family, friends and colleagues, of taking climate change seriously.

Members of the group should be able to commit to attending all the meetings, wherever possible.

Materials are provided to support the group sessions, which are UK specific. A charge of £10 may be made to cover the cost of the materials. Other costs will be cover by ZCH, although donations are always welcome.


On completion of the Carbon Conversations course it is hoped that some group members will be able to undertake the facilitator training so that they can then run their own Carbon Conversations sessions, with groups from their own social or business environment.

Next Course Dates


23 January: Taster Session (7.45 – 9.00 pm)

30 January: Session One

6 February: Session Two

27 February: Session Three

5 March: Session Four 

12 March: Session Five 

2 April: Session Six 

23 April: Wrap-up Session

Sessions will be held on a Thursday evening from 6.45 - 9.00 pm, unless otherwise stated.


Friends Meeting House
12A Queen Parade



If you are interested in joining this course or a future course please drop us an email with your details.

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