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Harrogate District Home Retrofit Survey 2022

Back in September 2022, Zero Carbon Harrogate ran a survey gathering the views and understanding of local residents on how to make their homes more energy efficient and reduce CO2 emissions.  The results show a high level of interest in making improvements which will both save money and have a positive impact for the environment.


We have broken down the survey results into three main areas:


Attitudes and knowledge of home energy efficiency 

94% of respondents wanted to look at ways to reduce their home’s carbon emissions and 98% were unsurprisingly either concerned, or very concerned, about the current cost of energy. However, only 11% of people who responded were aware of their home’s Energy Performance Rating (EPC). Encouragingly, the majority respondents wanted to know more about how to improve their home’s energy efficiency, specifically requesting more information about home retrofit.


Improving homes for the future

The most popular future home improvement that people intended to do was to install a renewable energy source, such as solar panels and house batteries, with home insulation being a secondary consideration.


Barriers to action

When asked what people felt the barriers were to make their homes more efficient, the reason most frequently stated was difficulty in finding skilled trades people to do the work. The second most common barrier was affordability.


Please click on the PDF link below to view the full survey results.

retrofit survey 2022.JPG
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