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Ethos Asset, stall at Rudding Park on 24th January for electric car financing demo.

Help to shape the future of the Harrogate District
Harrogate Borough Council is developing a ‘place story’ and brand for the district, which can be used to make potential investors, workers and visitors aware of what it has to offer. Four workshops have been organised across the district to capture everyone’s views on what the district’s story is. They are free to attend, so book your place and help bring our vision of a carbon neutral district to life. Get some inspiration from our postcards from the future before you go, to see what the district could look like.

Reality Check: Your Christmas tree's carbon footprint

They're the ultimate Christmas decoration and millions are bought in the UK each year. But what impact do Christmas trees - real and artificial - have on the environment?

"The world's people have spoken. Their message is clear. Time is running out. They want you, the decision-makers, to act now."

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Responding to North Yorkshire County Councils “Harrogate congestion engagement”


26% of our carbon footprint comes from transport in North Yorkshire – that is why North Yorkshire County Council's consultation on the plans for the future of transport in Harrogate and Knaresborough is important.


To cut our carbon emission in half in the next 10 years we need a major shift away from motorised travel for short journeys.


Please encourage your friends, neighbours, relatives and work colleagues to take part too, as we all want to see a better cleaner Harrogate District in the future.


Guidance on completing the survey


  • Get everyone in your household to complete the survey if possible (including under 16s – it’s their future)

  • Give your views to each of the questions. But please include the following:

    • Question 10: (Is congestion an issue) Add a comment to explain that carbon emissions are an issue with both congestion and car dependence.

    • Question 11 and 13: Strongly Agree (Improving cycling and walking routes and increasing car parking charges)

    • Question 15: Strongly Disagree (Relief road)

    • Question 17: Strongly Agree (Park and ride), but add a comment in Question 23 to say that you would like to see this developed without a relief road (currently they are linked in package E)

    • Question 19: Strongly Agree (Smarter travel choices)

    • Question 21: Strongly Agree (Bus priority)

  • Question 23 is the only place where you can express views in your own words.  Please try to balance any criticism of the “relief” road proposal with positive support for the proposed sustainable measures to make it clear that you believe these can make a difference. 

    If you want some ideas on what to say please take a look at the Zero Carbon Harrogate's draft response to Question 23 before completing the survey and feel free to borrow from this answer if you wish. 

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