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The Sun is most definitely not the cause of changes in our climate

Professor Piers Forster an internationally acclaimed physicist, climate scientist and local Harrogate resident, responds to a letter published in the Harrogate Advertiser on 10 January 2019 .

"As a physicist, climate scientist and Harrogate resident, I thought I needed to refute Michael Brown’s letter from last week. The Sun is most definitely not the cause of the changes in climate and extremes of weather the world is currently witnessing. Myself and colleagues are continually monitoring many aspects of climate including the Sun’s output in detail. Our instruments do not lie, fossil fuel emissions are the dominant cause of global warming and directly implicated in the increase of flooding, heatwaves, species extinction, melting ice caps and sea-level rise. Acting now to reduce emissions is a win-win situation. We can save our environment, create new jobs, benefit the economy, improve the quality of our lives and the Harrogate District. Physics doesn’t care about politics, hopefully the solutions can also cross political divides."

Professor Forster is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, lead author of several Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, and a member of the UK Committee on Climate Change.


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